Vector Trans was founded in 1982 by Mr. Athanassios Moutevelides as an international road haulage services agency. However, in order to meet with the advanced requirements set, the company got specialized in developing a very dynamic and reliable net of correspondence in the mainland of Turkey.

Vector Trans quality achievements and its competitive prices soon gave the company a well - respected and uncompromisingly recognized profile in the marketplace. The growing needs created by the expansion of our customers and the ability to satisfy the customers individual needs led Vector Trans to develop itself, maintaining of course the very high – quality service standards.

Today, Vector Trans has a wide activity offering road haulage services in the broader area of Middle East (Syria, Iran, Iraq etc.) and Caucasus (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia etc.).

The company’s staff in our offices in Athens and Thessaloniki consists of 20 people who hold the appropriate know-how and the big experience in order to resolve potential problems in a fast and reliable way and respect effectively each customer’s individual demands.