The ongoing demands of contemporary marketplace are rather intriguing for our company and increase our effort to become a solid ring in the equipage chain successfully.

The term “Total Quality” has become a core element of Vector Trans procedures, and is responsible for the high quality of transportations offered by us. At the same time, the maintenance of our services cost at a reasonable level explains our successful top ranking. The combination of “high quality – reduction of cost” has been our vehicle to the top.

Before presenting the detailed services described below, we would like to refer to the importance of our main office location, in the strategic area close to the custom station of imports/exports of Piraeus and the central warehouses of OLP. This means our staff can deal with their daily tasks in a quick, easy and reliable manner.

At this point, it is required to present to you four of our biggest associate companies – correspondents in Turkey:

  • Istanbul : Sonmez Bustas & Lojistik
  • Bursa : Sonmez Bustas & Lojistik
  • Izmir : Arslan Nakliyat A.S.
  • Gaziantep : EYUP Lojistik

    Our fleet consists of 150 trucks with informatics technology full equipment that allows flexible and quick loads division and shipping and accurate monitoring of the cargo.

    1) Below you will find the departure schedule from and to the areas we cover with door-to-door delivery availability:

    Turkey (Groupage):
    Departures from and to Constantinople, Bursa, Smyrna and Gaziantep every Wednesday and Friday.

    Turkey (Full truck ) :
    Departures from and to the entire Turkish mainland on a daily basis.

    Middle East + Caucasus areas:
    We cover these areas with groupage or/and full truck. Departures after special arrangement.

    2) Vector Trance undoubtable experience explain the importance of the advisory services we offer to our customers, combined with a careful examination of their special needs.

    3) We take over Full Projects, which consist of large loads that demand quick delivery following the standards of carefully drawn customer care. Our experienced staff is responsible of drawing a time- table for such special occasions and accomplishing the project on time.